Tuesday, September 16, 2008

* Gttd Tgtr Mk Oh *

Thank you Tom Bissell et al

Thank you Harper's

:mind switch:

Nicholas Ripatrazone wrote a flattering review of my story THE DISAPPEARED for Luna Park Review, comparing it to Gass's THE PEDERSEN KID, which is one of my favorite stories. Thank you Nicholas.

You can still read THE DISAPPEARED in /nor or featured on the site here

There is a new ACTION YES, including strong work by Josh Maday, Noah Eli Gordon, others

It has two deleted sections from my SCORCH ATLAS: Year of Weird Light & Gristle

Thank you John & Johannes.

and and and and

I feel ridiculous, I can't quite

It's kind of like


jereme said...

publication domination

it is amazing how humans seem to be the only idiot animal with a dearth of common sense.

'lets stand here and take pictures using our electronic devices'

i really need to leave this planet

BlogSloth said...

What happened to the weird code shit on earlier?

Now that was literature.


BlogSloth said...

I am assuming that is Greece, or photoshop? They usually only pull that shit in Greece.



it is st maarten and not photoshopped, just insane

clippy clips i felt weird about, i shouldnt explain

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...


Keith Montesano said...

I totally thought that shit was gonna crash. I suppose that was the point of the video. Maybe. And then I felt bad. But then I felt good that it didn't. And thought I would've been running very fucking fast in the other direction with my heart squeezing itself between my toes.

Anonymous said...

Blake, why don't you contribute to the McSweeney's thing? It's really sweet of them and is one of the few things that makes me feel better about all of this.

I've tried several times to write something for it, but can't seem to work anything out. Oh well.


brian, i did write something for them, i think it will be going up