Monday, September 29, 2008


Fuck america.
Bye america.


Sandwich eye

Last night I read 3/4ths of Samuel Delany's HOGG, I will finish it tonight. It is about a rapist for hire named Hogg and this 12 year old boy he brings around with him who sucks his cock and drinks his piss all the time. Hogg and 2 other dudes go gang raping, they have 3 clients, women who did somebody wrong, they fuck them and each other, there is a lot of shit eating and piss drinking and cock destruction.

The book was written over a 4 year span, I don't know why it took him this long to write, but the 3rd of the three hired rapes is written in a more Lish-y way for some reason, and is the best part of the book, it has an air about it that the rest of the book doesn't quite, I would pass out this section of the book in a class on literary violence, I would like to take or teach that class.

Here's a quote, it is explicit:

She tried to push the nigger away, gasping and crying out and biting off the gasps. She had a lot of black hair on her cunt. The nigger yanked up one leg; you could see the raw pussy hanging through like skirt steak. The wop grabbed her other leg--and even though he still had the knife, she struggled pretty hard. The nigger, his mouth wide, squatted, grabbed her over the other leg, and pushed his face into her. I saw the muscles tighten along the back of his jaw.

She screamed, loud, and flung her head back and then down, and beat his head, clawed his ears, her head flopping, around, back, and forth, her mouth still wide and all the breath running out. She roared in more air, and screamed again, beating his back with her heel.

Hogg's dirty fist turned on the head of his dick. Urine welled over his knuckles and dripped. Some ran down his testicles, making a dark, shiny tongue along his right pants leg.

Yeah, it's about like that for 250 pages. FC2.

Overall, it's not all that, it's an engrossing read for some reason but I feel like it could be outdone pretty easily. I will outdo HOGG soon. I read DHALGREN years ago and didn't feel that impressed by it either, I like idea about it, I don't know.

Samuel Delany. Samuel Delany.

Bye stock market
Bye l,ittlei



Everything everyone is saying, my brain won't make it make


Brad Green said...

Delany is one of my all-time favorite writers, but I don't care for Hogg at all. I appreciate his language and lyricism, but he's often too smart for me to understand everything that's going on. I believe he'll be more appreciated after he's gone. He's already gained quite a bit of reputation for literary sci-fi.

One sometimes has to slog through his sentences, much like Pynchon or Marquez in The Autumn of the Patriarch.

His book About Writing has some interesting takes on narrative structure.


i don't know how i feel about him

i think he may be overhyped, but

i dont know

i would like to see about writing

Mike Young said...

I read NOVA. He uses colons well. His syntax is interesting. His prose, otherwise, kind of makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

Sorry; I'm being catty.

Brad Green said...

What he lacks, I think, is an emotional elevation in his work. I was always in awe of the language, but never shuddered at a sentence, like I have with Carver - or Salter, for instance. He's what I consider lyrical and dazzling -- and wonderful at that, good enough that I call him one of my favorite writers -- but he never made me lay my head back and catch my breath like Salter does on a routine basis. If you could take Delany's dazzling descriptions, Carver's emotional punch, and Salter's lean beauty,'d probably have Shakespeare again.


i dont know if i miss the emotion in him, i think i could just deal with more imagination, for a sci-fi related writer he seems rather bound by certain means.

when his sentences are on, though, they are on

there is a description of a black guy dick in the book as a plum at the end of a length of black hose, it made me feel covered in mold

Darby said...

dhalgren was influential for me but probably because I read it at a time when I was barely discovering literature and I was impressionable. I'd never read anything even remotely like that at the time. It's interesting that we refer to him as like a lesson. He would be interesting to teach, like you say. But yeah, I don't know how much I would latch onto him now. I haven't read his stuff in a while.

ryan call said...

i pressed play on each movie in quick succession and my computer almost blew up

it was rad



The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

yeah, playing all of those versions of that video at the same time is really the best way to do it.

Brad Green said...

for a sci-fi related writer he seems rather bound by certain means.

That is quite true. Most writers have a certain subject that they dwell upon. His are gender issues and "class" rights, minority concerns...etc. Things that I imagine he deals with in real life.

I still have a copy of Hogg, but it's on the shelf behind a row of other books. I won't display it. I'd be worried by son would grab it. I never finished it. I never finished Mad Man either. There's quite of few of his books that I've never actually finished reading, but I'll open them up from time to time to get energized by his sentences. I almost always turn to Dhalgren or Nova or Stars in my Pocket Like Grains of Sand for this. I finished all those books.

It's interesting how many people read him when they were younger, but haven't gone back. That speaks to something. I'm not sure what.

At any rate, it's been an interesting discourse here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hermann Hesse is someone who you can't read past the age of 25, either. I think that Doestoyevsky also is someone who becomes a little unbearable after like, 35 or so, depending how long your adoelessence lasts. I have a dear friend who is 48 and his favorite thing to do is hang out online pretending to be a 13 yr old girl who writes "i Heart cock" over and over again. So, you know, different rules for diff peeps.

But speaking of black writers who write rad stuff- have you read Donald Goines?

Brad Green said...

Donald Goines? Nope. Never heard of him. Now I'll have another to add to the to-do list. Looks interesting from Wikipedia.


goines hm no idea
that is a name in 12 monkeys

what the hell happened to terry gilliam he used to be the man

death-hustler said...

Let us ride this HOGG into the pristine ground of zero-lust.

jereme said...

i heart cock too

small world

jereme said...

and if bert could give me oral at that rate my insides would liquify

Keith Montesano said...

hogg sounds kind of insane

Anonymous said...

i can't even watch the videos one at a time, but i think I've seen these, when they get all hardcore, right? Speaking of Bert and Ernie giving oral, check this out if you haven't

Ben Spivey said...

Hogg seems insane.

Has No Colony shipped yet? I'm still anxiously waiting for my copy to arrive.

Anyway, take it easy; and yes bye bye stock market.


hogg is more shock than rock i think. its ok.

that bert n ernie pic is hilarious.

ben, we're almost fully caught up, you must be in the few remaining to send, i will get it out this week for sure.. thanks for being patient

BlogSloth said...

No Colony is flying through the universe.

I Like Crews, where he eats an entire car.

I once had stocks. Like, yesterday.


DOGZPLOT said...

"more shock than rock i think" - thats how i feel about chuck p. is it just me?

how was choke. has anyone seen it yet?


which crews is where he eats a car?

i dont even think p. is shocking, more just formula now

DOGZPLOT said...

yeah shocking was a dickhead word. but you know what i mean.

brains should be part of the digestive system.

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters.


brain digestor, agreed

crashing hurts