Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baltimore is Reads

The third issue of Balitmore is Reads is now (mostly) live. BIR is a journal that puts words up in public places in Baltimore so that people will run into them on the street or wherever. It also puts the words online, with pictures of one of the places the words are and a map of Baltimore with locations. It's a good idea. This third issue has some cool shit, including Zachary German and Michael Kimball. Also me. A short thing called "ALL I WANT IS SOMETHING TO CHEW ON," which is true.

Click the names on the CONTENTS page to read and see.

Today feels much nicer than yesterday, I think.


Josh Maday said...

good one, blake. i would like to find your words on my table at a restaurant. i would move your words to my plate. i would not reach for the ketchup or salt or A1. i would eat your words.

hey, it's cool to see that michael kimball has work in there, too. his new novel Dear Everybody is excellent. it's due out in september here in the states.

Prathna Lor said...

i like these

Adam R said...

Hey, thanks for the push. I'm updating this third issue with new pictures all the time. Excerpts from Michael Kimball's Dear Everybody will be serialized on a bunch of parking meters. The copy of "ALL I WANT IS SOMETHING TO CHEW ON" that I tucked into a trash-strewn fence has been removed -- but the trash is still there. Not sure what that means.

Josh Maday said...

i like what you're doing adam r. i like how the context in which someone reads the work you 'distribute' is always different and, hopefully, surprising. unexpected, at least. excellentness.