Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Believer Feb 08

I have a review of YANNICK MURPHY's new collection forthcoming from Dzanc Books next month in the February 08 issue of the Believer. You can read the first bit of the review on the Believer's website.

I talked about Gordon Lish a little in the Believer. Weird.

This book is excellent.

I am excited about the Peter Markus and Robert Lopez books coming out from DZANC in the next while, as well as several other titles they have coming out.

Right now I am reading TORTOISE by James Lewelling which is coming out from CALAMARI PRESS pretty soon. It is excellent and fun to read so far.

I have a fuckton of new books to read now. Good.

I just watched a video of JIMMY CHEN circling his nipples with a Sharpie.

Coffee helps me feel alive.


brandon said...

i drank two americanos in a row this morning


americanos are blood

brandon said...

need to shit now