Wednesday, February 6, 2008


by Brandon Scott Gorrell


Josh Maday said...

good, blake.

good, brandon.

i like the part when the soul is screaming.


Unknown said...

Pretty good except for the grammatical error: "I have drank."


i like to say drank.

Ken Baumann said...

I like the story. Thanks Brandon and Blake.

jereme said...


Perhaps that line is targed towards the black community and their particular way of speaking.

Like "how she move"

Or maybe it is fucking negligible

and the grammar isnt the important part

but the emotion felt after reading what brandon has created.

Naw, it is all about the grammar.


Powerhouse collaboration. I can't wait to read it right now.

jereme said...

subconsiously i made my point.

I misspelled targeted

Focus on that.

That is what is important. Not the idea trying to be conveyed.

Unknown said...

I see I'm outnumbered here. Point and excessive sarcasm taken. But seriously, I totally agree that creative intention/emotional effect are far more important than any logic, grammar, or correctness. It's not as if I'm going to dismiss /Finnegans Wake/ because Joyce "misuses" or "distorts" words--far from it; actually I say the more experimentation and language/meaning-bending the better. I use neologisms and unorthodox parts of speech all of the time. But, in my opinion, it's all about what's organic to or in the spirit of the piece. There are times when an unconventional usage feels intentional, and times when it doesn't. When Cedric Bixler-Zavala, lead vocalist for one of my favorite bands, The Mars Volta, not only pronounces "sepulcher" with the emphasis on the second syllable but with a soft
"ch," it's glaring to me and takes me out of the song because I'm quite certain that it wasn't intentional--not only because of the obvious and less important fact that that's not what the dictionary says, but also because the rest of the song is filled with "big," in the rock sense, words and this happens to be the only one mispronounced; suggesting that Bixler overextended himself. The piece is full of unique and arresting images which I prize foremost. I just wanted to mention that for me personally the uncharacteristic "mistake" puzzled me.


it wasnt a mistake. i noticed that it was "incorrect" grammatically. i liked it better the way it sounded drank in the context of the other sentences.

thank you for reading and for thinking about it, honestly, but
please no more quoting cedric bixler.


haha. black community.

how she afraid of furniture

brandon said...

how ashtray sound like spiders movin sheeit'

death-hustler said...

a tremendously uncomfortable little book, or better, a procession of agonies. direct application of dread to the senses and general corrosion of the universe. disgusting! harmful! moved by dimension of huge utility.

sam pink said...

i am going to halfway shit and then draw on the sidewalk like it's sidewalk chalk.