Sunday, February 3, 2008

Willow Springs 61

The new issue of WILLOW SPRINGS is out. I have a story in it. There are 3 stories in the issue. DEREK WHITE is also in it. There is a lot of poetry. I read a lot of it on the plane. I liked everything I read. I read several things twice. There are three poems by a guy named DENVER BUTSON that I really liked. I wish my name was DENVER BUTSON. Paul Guest and a translation by Joshua Beckman are also in the issue. They did an excellent job putting this together. I am happy.

Some of the issue is available to read as a PDF online. My story is available. You can download it here.

The story is from my collection SCORCH ATLAS. It is called EXPONENTIAL. It was written in a sort of trance. It is the first thing from my collection that is available online, I think. It is 2300 words.

The end of the story has a typographic thing that at first I put in without thinking. I was just touching keys. Then I moved it around and put short sentences in. Then it seemed the only way to end the story and I couldn't delete it and it is there.

I would like it if people read this story.


death-hustler said...

(((((()))))) I think your story was very good blake, and it ends with some of my favorite typohraphical shapes of all time, that lovely ((((((((()))))))))) movement which is so satisfying and almost makes a sound. To me it reads like a perfect and bass heavy continuum of sound; or cosmic feedback.


Josh Maday said...

that story is awesome, blake. i am very excited to read the whole collection. the atmosphere, the language, and the end, like death-hustler said, is perfect. my head hums at the end with that reverberating vibration. great work, man.


thank you death-hustler and josh.

i like your blogs