Sunday, February 10, 2008


Last night I found myself in a pink enormous room. The room was so large that you could not see the ceiling or more than two walls. It was very quiet and very pink. I was forced to leave the room and move to other rooms. I did not want to leave. Over the course of some time I began to find my way back to the pink enormous room. The way back required a extensive, systematic method of negotiating space. I had to leave many others in other places. There were many corridors and holes. I did not make it back to the room a second time, though I deciphered exactly where it was. I could see the room in my head still. The walls went up forever. I think the title of my next long work will be PINK ENORMOUS ROOM. Does anyone have any questions? There are some places you never see again.

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Brent Goodman said...

That must be what heaven looks like before we are born.