Tuesday, February 5, 2008


LAMINATION COLONY is proud to announce that in the year of our lord 2008 on Ash Wednesday, the same day 35 years ago that black ash shat from the mouth of some sky over north Nebraska, LAMINATION COLONY will release its first EBOOK, or electronic booklet, written by someone inside the fleshy body known as BRANDON SCOTT GORRELL. This LAMINATION COLONY EBOOK is thronged with evil. This LAMINATION COLONY EBOOK contains pictures for the dumb. This LAMINATION COLONY EBOOK is sore and ready to lie down.

Thank you and please be ready.

While I'm at it, submissions for the next issue of LAMINATION COLONY are now closed. I think I said one time they'd go longer, but the issue is stuffed full. I mean full as fuck. So much so that things that I would have liked to had can not quite fit and it is still almost twice the size of the last issue. All as yet unresponded and/or future submissions will be considered for future issues. The issue will probably go live one week after the LAMINATION COLONY EBOOK by BRANDON SCOTT GORRELL.

Thank you and please be ready.


Prathna Lor said...

ready ready

Shane Jones said...

i've been so hungry for an ebook. yum.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

im excited for brandon's book!