Friday, February 8, 2008

ALIENATED AFRAID witnesses and LC think

RE: ALIENATED AFRAID OF FURNITURE IN BEDROOM, death-hustler writes: "a tremendously uncomfortable little book, or better, a procession of agonies. direct application of dread to the senses and general corrosion of the universe. disgusting! harmful! moved by dimension of huge utility."

RE: the long interview between Brandon and I on the ebook, Justin Dobbs writes: "The day I saw Brandon was at the Capital Hill library in Seattle. I got on the computer and emailed Tao Lin. At that moment I saw Brandon Gorrell in front of his computer. I felt nervous. I gmailed Brandon "Where are you?" Soon, he gmailed that he saw me. I didn't see him see me, but then I looked at Brandon and I was scared, because he had maybe a sort of shit-eating grin. I smiled and tried hard not to laugh since there were people around me. I gmailed him that I would come over to him pretty soon, but I had still had the adrenaline shot in my bloodstream running through me. But I did go over and saw him typing. He said that he was interviewing with Blake Butler for his e-book with Lamination Colony. I told him I was out of computer time, so he gave me his library card and his password, so I returned to the computer. Later, he gmailed "I'm going to eat lunch. I will get my library card." Soon he came and got it and said "Lots of people waiting for the computer, huh?" I agreed and gave him the card. When he came back I was reading a book by Charles D'Ambrosio. I showed him the book, but he said nothing about it."

If you want to make a 'blurb' or provide a 'testimonial' or help spread Brandon's book or something, comment or send it to me.

RE: several questions about future LAMINATION COLONY ebooks, yes I plan on doing more of these. Ultimately I'd like to release 3-4 a year. Feel free to send me manuscripts to laminationcolony (at} gmail {dot) com. I will read them. I will probably be picky.

For the record, putting together this ebook, as well as the LAMINATION COLONY emagazine itself (the new issue of which is now finished and will be up next week sometime and is totally fucking killer) is NOT a 'labor of love'. I do not do it 'with time I could have spent on other things'. I do it mainly because it is fun. It gives me something to do and I like having the opportunity to put up work by other people that I think is awesome and/or interesting and/or would not be shown elsewhere. It helps me cure my own boredom and genuinely excites me. Often when I am sitting at home I will just sit and stare at the site and click on people's words and look at them and smile. Sometimes I like to smile.


death-hustler said...


I will send you a little e book as soon as I can make something worth your attention.

Ken Baumann said...


"I read this ebook and felt like there was a chance that my furniture was real, staring at me, licking it's lips and thinking 'I want you smoked and cured.' I liked this ebook very much, even though it made me 'crazy' for awhile."